Our Operational Areas

Karadeniz Ecza Deposu is the only representative of Pharmazell, Siegfried, and Dolder AG in Turkey who are producers of pharmaceutical active ingredients at high quality standards. Moreover, through the collaboration with Charles River, endotoxin LAL test materials and equipments are provided for many microbiology laboratories in Turkey. Tablet coating for the Evonik company in Turkey is done only by Karadeniz Ecza Deposu, which continues to work with companies manufacturing in Turkey.

Company History

Karadeniz Ecza Deposu is a family-run company that was founded four generations ago in 1921 as Vatan Pharmacy by the pharmacist Münir Kemal Akay, who set up a small laboratory there to create custom made preparations for his customers. This service enabled him to be loved and appreciated by the people of Samsun. Münir Kemal Akay devoted his life to pharmacology and encouraged his son, Kamuran Akay, to become a pharmacist and continue the tradition.

Kamuran Akay graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Pharmacology. However, his ambition took him to Zurich, where he got his PhD at ETH' (Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule) and the title “Dr. Sc. Nat.” Kamuran Akay’s respect for his father’s profession and the loyalty he felt for the people of Samsun led him to come back to Turkey after completing his education abroad.

Kamarun Akay started to work at his father’s pharmacy Vatan, but it wasn’t always easy to in those days to provide the medications his patients needed. To solve this problem, he founded the Karadeniz Ecza Deposu (Karadeniz Pharmaceutical Warehouse) in 1952. Over time, however, he began experiencing difficulty in getting certain medications. This time, Karmarun Akay got together with other like-minded colleagues and founded the Adeka İlaç Firması (Adeka Pharmaceutical Company) in 1956.

The Akay family’s pursuit of service and quality, which began at the same days of the foundation of the Turkish Republic, still continues today. Even before new technologies in the healthcare sector had come to Turkey, Kamuran Akay recognized the value of active ingredients in effective pharmacotherapy - something that is only recently being understood – and began negotiations with major pharmaceutical active ingredient - producing companies in Europe. These negotiations and Kamuran Akay’s own investigation led to the signing of a representation agreement in 1967 with Dolder AG, one of the most prestigious companies in Switzerland. The stringent inspections Dolder AG made of Karadeniz Ecza Deposu has served as an extremely valuable reference over the years for the company, which continues to improve today. It signed another representation agreement in 1976, this time with Siegfried AG. Karadeniz Ecza Deposu places a premium on ongoing revitalization, which enables it to keep growing. In 1989, it also signed an agreement with the Pharma Polymer division of Röhm Pharma, a company now known as Evonik. Karadeniz Ecza Deposu obtains all of its pharmaceutical ingredients and coating materials from these companies. It signed a contract with the American Charles River (Endosafe) company in 1998 to raise production quality. It also is seeking for opportunities to expand in other fields of pharma.

Kamuran Aktay toiled many long years to expand the company. He began running the company in 1980 with his daughter, Meltem Müezzinoğlu, who values at least as much as he did the continuity of service to Turkish medicine. When Kamuran Akay died in 2007, the operation of the company, which was her grandfather’s legacy, was turned over to Meltem Müezzinoğlu and her children, Ahu Müezzinoğlu and Alican Müezzinoğlu. The principles of sustainability, integrity and innovation, which are a family values are as important today as they were in the past.