Management Team

Meltem Müezzinoğlu

Born in 1954 in Samsun, Meltem Müezzinoğlu studied at the Austrian High School, after which she went to the United States in 1971 to complete her education. She worked for five years in various companies in different sectors, thereby acquiring knowledge of intellectual property rights. She returned to Turkey in 1976 and then went to work at Pamukbank, where she learned more about finance. After getting work experience in different sectors, with the encouragement of her father, Kamuran Akay, Meltem Müezzinoğlu began working at Karadeniz Ecza Deposu in 1980. She inherited the company in 2007 when her father died. Today, she is the chairman of the board of directors and runs the company together with her management team and children, Ahu Müezzinoğlu and Alican Müezzinoğlu.

Ahu Müezzinoğlu

When she was a child, Ahu Müezzinoğlu used to spend time with her grandfather, Kamuran Akay, at his office and positioned him as a role model for his successful career. She studied International Business Administration at Franklin College in Switzerland. In order to acquire different business experience, she began working as an administrative assistant at a company other than the one run by her family. Later, in 2006, she worked as a manager in the sales and marketing departments of Adeka Pharmaceutical Company. Ahu Müezzinoğlu has been working at Karadeniz Ecza Deposu since 2013.

Alican Müezzinoğlu

Alican Müezzioğlu, the youngest member of the family, graduated from the Faculty of Science at Istanbul University and then began to work at the family company, Karadeniz Ecza Deposu. In the meantime, fascinated with Far East philosophy and culture, he learned Japanese and spent some time in Japan studying Japanese Literature and Culture. Alican Müezzinoğlu is currently studying Media and Communication at Bilgi University.